Press Release Tokyo Totem Book Launch (21 Oct. 2015) — Japanese (PDF, Web)
Press Release Tokyo Totem Book Launch (21 Oct. 2015) — English (PDF, Web)

Please send us an email to request a review copy: (English) (Japanese)

Exhibition Trailer (Youtube, Facebook)
Exhibition Opening (Facebook)
Making of exhibition, Guerrilla screen printing (Facebook)
Making of exhibition, Gradient painting (Facebook)
Printing of book at Fujiwara printing company (Youtube, Facebook)

Photo’s of the Tokyo Totem book. (jpg ZIP)
Photo’s of the Tokyo Totem exhibition. (tif ZIP, jpg ZIP)
The artworks in the Tokyo Totem exhibition. (sample below, hi-res on request)

Tokyo Totem book:

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Tokyo Totem exhibition:

Tokyo Totem artworks: City Face (interactive installation) — Keez Duyves (PIPS:lab) & Simon Wald-Lasowski

Tokyo Totem artworks: The truth about Chameleons — Simon Wald-Lasowski

Tokyo Totem artworks: Ontemba — Aukje Dekker


Tokyo Totem artworks: Tokyo Meltdown — Jasper van den Berg