By Pink Pony Express

Ōkina kutsu, Big Shoe

Pink Pony Express

In Tokyo, the businessmen, the geisha girls and the fashion commandos all wear big shoes. A big shoe is usually worn three sizes too big. A leather shoe is mandatory for men, while women have more choices.

The urban organism of Tokyo has reached its maximum size. Its individual parts are taking on their own patterns of development, at different paces, and different scales. There is a constant and fluid internal reorganization taking place: gradually, the car doesn’t fit into the garage; the man doesnt fit through the door. Even the size of man, which used to be the point of reference—holding it all togetheris changing. 

The modular man has become an individual; and while his size increases, the standards of the city dissolve. Traveling with subtle ease through the ever-changing dynamics of the city, he claims more personal space. With the three inches between his heel and the backside of his shoe, he anticipates personal growth.

The Pink Pony Express is a design collective, based in Amsterdam. For a couple of days they were in Tokyo in November 2012 and were intrigued by observing people wearing shoes that were bigger then their feet. They investigated and speculated about the reasons behind the phenomenon.






ピ ンク・ポニー・エクスプレスはアムステルダムを拠点に活動するデザイン集団。2012年11月に東京に滞在し、自分の足よりも大きな靴を履く人たちに着目し、観察。この現象の背後にある理由を調査・推測した。